Monday, December 29, 2008

About Project 365

My Handsome Husband purchased a Canon PowerShot S2 IS camera in Aug 2005, and, although it was supposed to be his camera, I have slowly claimed it as my own. I have been taking pictures and some of them are even good. As the saying goes, "even a blind pig, finds an acorn every once in a while"! I want to become a better photographer during 2009, so in that vein, I have accepted the 365 Challenge from Blissfully Domestic.

The idea of the challenge is to grow your photography, expand your eye and find your personal perspective. It is an excellent way to document an entire year of my and my family's life. Ideally, it will help me enhance my photography skills.

My Handsome Husband is an excellent photographer, I admire his eye tremendously. I am blessed to have him to critique my photos and suggest ways to improve them. He has even encouraged me to take a class at our community college and I plan to do just that.

I've chosen to document this project on a separate blog from Suzy Homemaker. I plan to have a title for each photo. I plan to document the time and place taken as well, along with a description of the photo. If I keep up the challenge, I hope to be able to publish it for my family's bookshelf.

Look for the 1st post on January 1, 2009!

I hope you will follow me on both blogs during 2009!