Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Moth (205/365)

TIME: 8:26 PM
PLACE: Kitchen

Stella found this guy in the grass.

Not sure what happened to him.

He can’t fly, he was just fluttering on the ground, turning over and over on his back

I’m pretty sure he is not long for this world.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Simpsons In Real Life (204/365)

TIME: 2:25 PM
PLACE: Work cafe

Of course, when I saw this in the paper today, the first thing I thought of was the Simpsons….

"Bart's Inner Child" Season 5, Episode 7

Homer reads the "FOR FREE" section of the paper,

Marge asks Homer why he bothers reading that section of the paper. "They never have anything good." But as she finishes, Homer gasps at an ad he has just spied: "FREE TRAMPOLINE, 534 Center St."

Homer: Oh my God!
Lisa: What is it?
Homer: Tramapoline! Trampopoline! [runs out]
Bart: He said what now?
Marge: Please, don't bring home any more old crutches!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Happy Doggos (203/365)

TIME: 11:24 AM
PLACE: In the car
SUBJECT: Oreo and Mulder

Took these pups to the vet this morning for a nail trim.

They weren’t too happy while there, but they cheered up and enjoyed the ride on the way home.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

McPike Mansion (202/365)

TIME: 6:23 PM to  9:29 PM
PLACE: Alton, Illinois
SUBJECT: Mid Summer Night of Fright tour @ the McPike Mansion 

The McPike Mansion in Alton, Illinois has been known to have paranormal occurrences.  They have been featured on an episode of “Ghost Hunters”
If you google “McPike Mansion” you will find lots of links to paranormal sites and photos as well as the official home page.

They conduct monthly tours to raise money for the restoration of the house.  My sister, her oldest son David, Stella and I took the tour this evening.  We learned the history and saw vintage photos of the past residents as well as some photos with some unexplained objects.

Photo of a gentleman dressed as Henry McPike

We then toured the grounds. 

Back of the house

Crypt on the grounds – no one knows who was buried there.
It’s had to see, but there is a spider on the side of the crypt.


Shadows on the house.

Then we entered the cellar and they turned out all the lights. 

It was very dark. 

Like “can’s see your hand in front of your face” dark. 

The Medium, Sandy Little Lizard, let us know when the spirits arrived.

Some of the folks claimed they felt them there.

I couldn’t tell if I saw spirits or if I was just seeing the floaters in my eyes.

My sister took this photo – those are my knees in the front – do you see the round orb?

Maybe they were closer to me than I realized.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Night At The Muny (201/365)

TIME: 8:11 PM
PLACE: Forest Park

I had dinner with some high school friends and then we all went to the Muny in Forest Park to see “Annie”

We all had participated at our high school’s production of this musical back in the day.  I didn’t act – I worked backstage on make up.

I still knew every word to every song.

The front of the Muny.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Seen on “Walks with Mulder” (200/365)

TIME: 7:53 PM
PLACE: St. Mary School

This entrance is no longer utilized. 

I remember picking up my niece from this door in the mid 1990’s when they had a pre-school here.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Backboard on Brick (199/365)

TIME: 8:17 PM
PLACE: St. Mary’s School
SUBJECT: Backboard

The theme this week is “Things I See at St. Mary’s School”

Tonight – a basketball backboard on the school wall.