Sunday, June 30, 2013

Walking On Water (181/365)

2013 06 30 IMG_2683w2013 06 30 IMG_2685w
TIME:  11:25 & 11:26 AM
PLACE:  Splash City
SUBJECT:  StellaDella & MonkeyBoy

SD’s Girl Scout troop had planned a trip to Splash City today.  Unfortunately, the weather did not get the memo.  It was a bit brisk!  Hard to believe that it is the last day of June and it only got to the mid 70’s.  We only stayed about 2-1/2 hours – SD & MB were pretty chilled.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Target (180/365)

2013 06 29 IMG_2670w
TIME:  4:03 PM
PLACE:  Target
SUBJECT:  Carts and a sidewalk Bulls-eye

HH and I made a trip to Target to get something for supper. 
We lucked out. 
Sirloin was on sale!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Raising The Flag (179/365)

2013 06 28 IMG_9034
TIME:  10:53 AM
PLACE:  American Legion
SUBJECT:  Utility Bucket Truck

What is this Ameren bucket truck doing at the American Legion?

2013 06 28 IMG_2636
TIME:  10:59 AM

It’s there to help re-cable the flagpole.

2013 06 28 IMG_9043
TIME:  11:00 AM

A really tall flagpole.

2013 06 28 IMG_2642
TIME:  11:23 PM

So the Girl Scouts can help raise the flag.

2013 06 28 IMG_2653
TIME:  11:30 AM

It looks great.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Inching Ever Closer… (178/365)

2013 06 27 IMG_2628w
TIME:  7:56 PM
PLACE:  Bathroom
SUBJECT:  Drywall & Tub

Do you know how fast you can get drywall up when you pay someone who knows what they are doing? 
One day.
hey are coming back tomorrow to put a finish coat on the walls.
All it takes is money.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Harmony (177/365)

2013 06 26 IMG_2594w
TIME:  10:45 AM
PLACE:  New Harmony, Indiana
SUBJECT:  Atheneum/Visitors Center

We took a day trip to New Harmony, Indiana today.  I expected the children to be completely bored.  Surprisingly, only one was cranky – DramaQueen (go figure). 

2013 06 26 IMG_2599w
TIME:  10:56 AM
PLACE:  Inside the Lenz House (circa 1819-1822)
SUBJECT:  Door and stairway

We took the walking tour and were able to enter into several buildings that are only open to visitors with a guide.

2013 06 26 IMG_2612w
TIME:  12:47 PM
PLACE:  Outside the Antheneum
SUBJECT:  Split rail fence posts

It took about two hours.  StellaDella asked some questions that impressed the tour guide (That’s my girl!)  Afterwards, MonkeyBoy even stated that it was “More interesting than I expected”

2013 06 26 IMG_2588w

2013 06 26 IMG_2591w
TIME:  8:40 AM
PLACE:  State Route 66
SUBJECT:  The now closed New Harmony Toll Bridge

Remember this bridge?  I drove across it in November of 2010.  It closed on May 21, 2012 due to structural deficiencies.  It’s still a cool looking bridge.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Goggles (176/365)

2013 06 25 IMG_2582w
TIME:  1:49 PM
PLACE:  The pool
SUBJECT:  SD’s yellow swim goggles

I’m on vacation this week – caught up on laundry yesterday (good times!) and we hit the pool today.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Jack Paw (175/365)

2013 06 24 IMG_2573w
TIME:  10:51 PM
PLACE:  Desk
SUBJECT:  Jack’s paw

Because it’s been a whole week since I had a Jack picture and because that paw is so gosh darned cute!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stella Artois & StellaDella (174/365)

TIME: 2:47 PM
PLACE:  Edison’s Entertainment Complex
SUBJECT:  Poster and SD

My company had its annual family event today at Edison’s today.  We ended up with over 4300 points from our expert game playing abilities.  SD is holding some of the prizes she choose by redeeming our points (we had enough for a basketball too). 
She was as bubbly as the beer in the poster!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Flower (173/365)

2013 06 22 IMG_2488ew
TIME:  8:02 PM
PLACE:  Front yard
SUBJECT:  Heliopsis “Ballerina”

Deep cleaned the carpet in my Miata and napped today.  This is all I got.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Jesus Is Watching (172/365)

2013 06 21 IMG_2467w
TIME:  8:18 PM
PLACE:  Lake View Memorial Gardens
SUBJECT:  Statue

HH and I were without kids this Friday night.  One is at camp and the two others are spending the evening at friend’s houses.  We went out to dinner.  Afterwards, HH drove me to the cemetery so I could take a picture. 
We are an old, boring, married couple.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bucket List (171/365)

2013 06 20 IMG_2463w
TIME: 6:41 PM
PLACE:  Kitchen
SUBJECT:  StellaDella’s Summer Bucket List

It reads….

1.  Ride evertthing
[sic] at six flags
2. learn to knit
3. eat pig trough with family
[this is an ice cream challenge at the White Cottage]
4. get rainbow dash back pack
5. go camping in tent
6. fish with dad.

She said to me, “I think this is all doable.”

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Botanical Garden (170/365)

2013 06 19 IMG_2421w
TIME:  9:51 AM

The girls and I went to the Missouri Botanical Garden today.  (MB is at Boy Scout Camp this week)

2013 06 19 IMG_2422w
TIME:  9:53 AM

We saw this gecko in the Cilmatron

2013 06 19 IMG_2428w
TIME: 10:12 AM

Peeked into the Blanke Boxwood Garden.

2013 06 19 IMG_2438w
TIME:  10:26AM

Fed the Koi in the Japanese Garden.

2013 06 19 IMG_2446w
TIME:  10:35 AM

Posed for a photo.

2013 06 19 IMG_2454w
TIME:  10:54 AM

Admired the colorful glass Walla Wallas (made by artist Dale Chihuly) floating in the water in the Milles Sculpture Garden.

2013 06 19 IMG_2459w
TIME:  11:00 AM

Love these Shasta Daises (Leucanthemum x superbum 'Becky')

It was a good day.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ticked (169/365)

2013 06 18 IMG_8978w2013 06 18 IMG_9027w
TIME:  6:54 & 7:14 PM
PLACE:  Desk
SUBJECT:  (Lone Star?) Tick

Poor StellaDella had this nasty little creature attached to her in a rather delicate area.  Luckily, I don’t think it had been on her long as it wasn’t engorged.  HH was able to pull it straight out without an issue.  I don’t think she will get sick from it, but just in case we put it in a dated, sealed baggie and placed in the freezer. 
My Poor SD.  It was a rather traumatic experience.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Jack (168/365)

2013 06 17 IMG_2397w
TIME:  8:54 PM
PLACE:  Desk

Can I ever really have too many Jack pictures?  I don’t think so.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father’s Day (167/365)

TIME:  1946 to 1973
PLACE: Various
SUBJECT:  Dad (& me!)

Smoking, drinking and hanging out with the dancers…that’s my dad.  Always good lookin’ too!

2013 06 16 IMG_2351w
TIME:  5:50 PM
PLACE:  Sushi bar
SUBJECT:  HandsomeHusband & StellaDella

This guy’s a pretty good dad too. ;)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Roadside Flowers (166/365)

2013 06 15 IMG_2345w
TIME:  6:23 PM
PLACE:  Highway 161
SUBJECT:  Wildflowers

A very quick snap as I was waiting for the traffic light to change.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Wings (165/365)

2013 06 14 IMG_2338w
TIME:  6:35 PM
PLACE:  The pool
SUBJECT:  Hot wings

It was wing night at the pool.  Supper consisted of these hot wings and an alcoholic beverage or 2.  It was a good evening.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Animal (& Bug) Crossing (164/365)

2013 06 13 IMG_2293w
TIME:  7:15 PM
PLACE:  Living room
SUBJECT:  DramaQueen

She put in pink streaks for the summer.

2013 06 13 IMG_2285w
…and rediscovered Animal Crossing: City Folk on the Wii

2013 06 13 IMG_2306w
TIME:  7:28 PM
PLACE:  Front yard
SUBJECT:  Bug *click on the picture to embiggens*

I discovered this teeny-tiny green bug crossing on the Gerber daisy’s petals while I was reviewing my photos.  I didn’t notice him when I was taking the shot. 

I am amazed that my small camera can capture such details.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Diving Right In (163/365)

2013 06 12 IMG_2270w
TIME:  7:20 PM
PLACE:  The pool
SUBJECT:  HandsomeHusband

We celebrated MB’s birthday at the pool from this evening with a party for him.  We had 18 classmates along with family to toast the birthday boy.  There was pizza, ice cream, cupcakes and lots of swimming. 
As you can see, HH even did some diving. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fourteen (162/365)

2013 06 11 IMG_2127w
TIME: 8:27 PM
PLACE:  Kitchen
SUBJECT:  MonkeyBoy

My favorite son is 14 today.  He hates getting his picture taken (wonder where he gets that from?  His mother, maybe?)  He wasn’t always this way…

2013 06 11 SCAN0040w
TIME:  2001-ish
PLACE:  Carlyle Lake

He used to be a happy version of the Lord of the Flies.

Happy Birthday Bud!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday (161/365)

2013 06 10 08-45-50_536w
TIME:  8:45 AM
PLACE:  Girl Scout Camp
SUBJECT:  StellaDella and her Wacky Hair

Girl Scout day camp began today…

2013 06 10 IMG_2114w
TIME:  6:49 PM
PLACE:  Neighborhood
SUBJECT:  Ford Truck

And MonkeyBoy ranked up to Star at his last Boy Scout meeting…DH and I walked up to the school with him.  I snapped this picture on the way there.

2013 06 10 IMG_2117w2013 06 10 IMG_2118w
TIME:  7:44 & 7:45 PM
PLACE:  Neighborhood
SUBJECT:  Train Tracks

…and these tracks on the walk home.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nesting (160/365)

2013 06 09 IMG_2107aw
TIME:  9:06 AM
PLACE:  Front yard
SUBJECT:  Dove in nest

Robins originally built this nest in our Purple Sand Cherry.  Those babies have grown and flown the coop.  A mourning dove has decided that the abandoned nest will make a great place for its future squabs.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Smells (159/365)

2013 06 08 IMG_2105w
TIME:  8:24 PM
PLACE:  Across the highway
SUBJECT:  Oreo’s head out the car window

DramaQueen is spending the night at a friend’s house and needed a ride.  Oreo was laying down in the living room and saw I was leaving.  I nodded at her; she quickly jumped up, pushed her way out of the door and ran to the car to tag along.  I rolled down all the windows so she could do her sniff, sniff, sniffing of all the good smells to be smelled as we drove along.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Night At The Movies (158/365)

2013 06 07 IMG_2083w
TIME:  10:41 PM
PLACE:  O’Fallon 15 Cine

DramaQueen and her friends wanted to see “The Purge” tonight.
It’s rated “R”
needed someone over 17 to buy the tickets. 
Normally, if an adult buys the tickets, they are allowed to go in the theatre and the adult doesn't need to accompany them. 
That wasn’t flying with the management tonight.
Guess who had to sit through the damn movie? 
Lucky me.
I swear, I was the oldest person in that room.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Coleus (157/365)

2013 06 06 IMG_2075w
TIME:  8:07 PM
PLACE:  Front porch
SUBJECT:  Coleus “Redhead” and Unknown variety

These guys are waiting to be re-potted in my big blue planter.  I had more important things to do tonight…like go to happy hour with my co-workers and drink a margarita on the rocks.