Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Future Is Here (181/365)

2011 06 30 IMG_0017w
“Who'll be chief mourner?
I, said the dove,
I'll mourn for my love,
I'll be chief mourner.”

Mother Goose (fl. 17th-18th century. Who killed Cock Robin? (L. 33-36). . . Oxford Book of Light Verse, The. W. H. Auden, ed. (1938) Oxford University Press.

TIME:  7:47 PM yesterday
PLACE:  Dad’s front porch
SUBJECT:  Mourning dove baby

I had every intention of taking photos at MonkeyBoy’s last ball game, but I didn’t.  Depending how you look at it, I am either a bad mother for not taking any photos or a good mother because I was too busy watching the game to do so.  I’m going with the good mother reason. ~*~*~ This is the same nest that was in my June 18th post.  Sadly, it looks like only one out of the two eggs hatched.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Look! Up In The Sky! (180/365)

2011 06 29 IMG_0001w2011 06 29 IMG_0015w“There's something in a flying horse,
There's something in a huge balloon.”

William Wordsworth, Peter Bell, Prologue. Stanza 1.

TIME:  7:24 & 7:27 PM
PLACE: Dad’s house
SUBJECT:  Hot air balloon

After supper, MonkeyBoy and HandsomeHusband went to his out of town ball game, while StellaDella, Oreo and I went to the drug store to pick up a prescription of mine (DramaQueen is spending the night at a friends).  I called my Dad to let him know that we were going to stop by Dairy Queen for some ice cream and would pick him something up if he wanted.  If you know my Dad, that is a stupid question…of course he would like some ice cream!  As I turned down his street, I saw the hot air balloon in the sky.  We had a great view of it from his front porch as it floated over his house.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Colossus View (179/365)

2011 06 28 IMG_0068w
I see nothing in space as promising as the view from a Ferris wheel.”

E. B. White (American writer 1899-1985)

TIME:  8:10 PM
PLACE:  Six Flags, St. Louis, MO
SUBJECT:  View from the 18 story Ferris Wheel

I took my life into my hands and took my kids and an extra (my 1st cousin, 1 time removed and a good friend of DQ’s) to Six Flags today.  We did Hurricane Harbor, the waterpark, first.  I was a bit nervous when we entered that area of the park, what with my last experience at a public waterpark still fresh in my mind (and my gimpy wrist still in my sight), but bravely pushed ahead.  I managed to emerge unscathed and victorious.  After their fill of water slides, we ate a late picnic lunch back by the car, then re-entered the park for the amusement rides.  I was a non-rider or “kid’s stuff holder” most of the time.  StellaDella impressed me by going on almost all of the roller coasters.  The only one she didn’t go on was “Batman The Ride” (an inverting, looping steel coaster), because she did not meet the height requirement.  That coaster on the left side of the photo?  It’s the “Screamin’ Eagle” – a 110’ tall wooden coaster.  She rode that.  Those beams on the right?  Another coaster called the “Ninja” – a looping, steel coaster.  She rode that too – twice.  That’s my girl…no fear.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Limber (178/365)

2011 06 27 _MG_3036w
“The man is loose, he's limber, and he's ready for action.” ~ Roz Focker

Meet The Fockers. 2004. Universal Pictures. DVD.

TIME:  10:08 PM
PLACE:  Living room

I had my first physical therapy on my wrist this afternoon.  There is a lot of work ahead of me in the next 8 weeks.  I am most definitely not anywhere near as limber as Mr. Jack is – what a showoff.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hosed (177/365)

2011 06 26 IMG_3018w
"To a gardener there is nothing more exasperating than a hose that just isn't long enough."

Cecil Edric Mornington Roberts (18 May 1892-20 December 1976) was an English journalist and novelist

TIME:  7:47 PM
PLACE:  Side of the house
SUBJECT:  Garden hose on homemade holder

This is how a union gas-fitter hangs a garden hose.  It may not be fancy, nor pretty, but it gets the job done.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flying Saucer Cloud (176/365)

2011 06 25 IMG0005

Bugs Bunny: Hey, doc! Do you happen to know anybody that's interested in buying a slightly used, uh, flying saucer? It's only got three billion miles on it.

The Hasty Hare. Perf. Mel Blanc. 1952. Warner Bros. Pictures. DVD.

TIME:  8:00 PM
PLACE:  6900 block of West Main St., looking west

I took StellaDella and MonkeyBoy to see Cars 2 at the early afternoon matinee today.  There I introduced SD to the joys of eating Milk Duds and popcorn at the same time.  She thinks I’m a genius. ~*~*~  Our oven is on the fritz, so it was a good excuse to go out to eat for dinner.  We ate at a local restaurant and while walking back to the car, we saw this cloud formation…”Look! A flying saucer cloud.” was what SD said.  That’s a pretty good description of it.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Nuts (175/365)

2011 06 24 IMG_0005w
“I hate television. I hate it as much as peanuts. But I can't stop eating peanuts.”

Orson Welles (1915-1985), U.S. filmmaker. New York Herald Tribune (Oct. 12, 1956).

TIME:  6:19 PM
PLACE:  Little League fields
SUBJECT:  Bag of peanuts on my lap

So far this is my supper tonight – roasted peanuts at StellaDella’s ballgame.  I like peanuts but I only ate about a third of the bag and ended up bringing the rest home.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Peeking Out (174/365)

2011 06 23 IMG_2982w
Vampire: [about Jack Skellington, who is missing] I peeked behind the Cyclops' eye - I did! - But he wasn't there.

The Nightmare Before Christmas. Writ. Tim Burton. 1993. Touchstone Pictures

TIME:  10:28 AM
PLACE:  South Lawn, Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis, MO
SUBJECT:  StellaDella & MonkeyBoy in Vito Acconci’s “Face of the Earth #3” 1988

I had my cast/splint removed this morning and am now in a brace for the next 4-6 weeks.  Physical therapy, 2-3 times a week, has also been prescribed.  After my appointment, as we were driving to Costco, I impulsively decided to stop for a quick visit to Laumeier Sculpture Park.  We (SD, MB & I) had never been before and it was a gorgeous day to go.  We were not there for long and didn’t see everything, but they really enjoyed the sculptures we did get to see.

2011 06 23 IMG_2972w 
TIME:  10:24 AM
PLACE:  Way Field, Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis, MO
SUBJECT:  Alexander Liberman, The Way, 1972-80

Isn’t that ginormous?  It’s made from eighteen salvaged steel oil tanks.  Can you see MB wearing the green t-shirt and SD standing by him under the middle of the sculpture?  They want to go back.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kings Of The Hill (173/365)

2011 06 22 IMG_2952w
William Barclay 'Bat' Masterson: From where I stand, this town could use an honest dealer.
Ellie Winters: From where you stand, you'd better keep right on going. Oh, Bat, this is one time you picked the wrong man to play "King of the Hill" with.

"License to Cheat." Bat Masterson. 4 Feb. 1959. Television.

TIME:  6:12 PM
PLACE:  Little League Fields
SUBJECT:  Toys on top of a dirt pile

Remember the dirt pile from day #141 - Saturday, May 21st?  Well here it is again with a lion, a saber tooth tiger, a triceratops and a pink truck at it’s peak.  We were back at the ball fields for MB’s game this evening.  This time, SD was able to play in the ginormous pile of dirt to her heart;s content.  When we arrived home, she went straight into the bathtub for a hose down.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Devil Is Beating His Wife (172/365)

2011 06 21 _MG_2889w
"I know well
that the June rains
just fall."

- Uejima Onitsura (1660-1738)

TIME:  7:37 PM
PLACE:  Looking off the front porch
SUBJECT:  Sunshine on tree branch & raindrops

The first day of summer has arrived.  It was also take-the-three-kids-to-the-dentist-day.  Such a plethora of excitement!  After the appointment, we went to Target to pick up a few things for DQ who is going to the Ozarks for five days with her second cousin.  There was a thunderstorm while we were in the store, it cleared up after a bit and the sun shone again.  After supper, while I was sitting on the porch, we had a sun shower – a weather phenomenon I always find fascinating.
2011 06 21 IMG_2936w
TIME:  8:42 PM
PLACE:  Front yard
SUBJECT:  Sky, looking west

My dad called me at 8:22 to tell me that the sky was looking pretty spectacular this evening.  Yes it did…even with the pesky power lines in the way.  Thanks for the photo tip Dad!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Vampire Repellent (171/365)

2011 06 20 IMG_2872w
“Stop and smell the garlic! That's all you have to do.”

William Shatner (Canadian Actor, Writer and Producer most famous for starring Captain Kirk in the television series Star Treck. b.1931)

TIME:  6:39 PM
PLACE:  Pantry
SUBJECT:  Garlic

I’m 1/2 Sicilian and HH is 1/4 Italian, so it should come as no surprise that garlic is a staple in our house.  We are always prepared to make pasta sauce or to keep away vampires. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father’s Day 2011 (170/365)

2011 06 19 IMG_2805wIf your dad is anything like mine, then you have no clue what to buy him for Father's Day. The only Father's Day tradition in my family is the annual conversation he and I have where I say, "Hey, Dad, what do you want for Father's Day this year?" and he says, "Nothing." Then I ask my mom what I should get him and she says, "He likes sandalwood soap, dangly jewelry and Chanel No 5 perfume."

Michael Showalter (born June 17, 1970) is an American comedian, actor, writer, and director.

TIME:  10:45 AM
PLACE:  MY Garage Museum & Retail Store. Effingham, IL
SUBJCT: Modified Street Runner Herbie from the 2005 movie

HH wanted to go to the MY Garage Museum for Father’s Day.  So we did.  He was more interested in the Corvette portion of the museum than the smaller VW side – but personally, I liked seeing Herbie the best.  HH procured some floor mats for his girlfriend Corvette and a book – the Corvette Bible.  We ate lunch at a Lone Star Steakhouse, then headed toward his second destination.  After several detours due to some flood water issues:

2011 06 19 IMG_0020w
TIME:  2:18 PM
PLACE:  Reymond Ave - Greenville, IL
SUBJECT:  Flooded road
(If you blow this up, you can see a car that didn’t quite make the crossing)

we stopped at the Marcoot Jersey Creamery and tasted and purchased several cheeses.  I talked HH into walking to the barns even though we were warned that it might be somewhat “mucky” due to the rains - I promised to remove my shoes before re-entering the ‘Vette if they got muddy – wait! - isn’t that why he bought the floor mats?  A little anal about that car, aren’t we my dear? *wink*  I’m glad we went to the barn…I was able to see many Jersey calves like this one:

2011 06 19 IMG_0031w
TIME:  3:03 PM
PLACE:  Marcoot Jersey Creamery – Greenville, IL
SUBJECT:  Jersey calf

Awwww – how sweet!  And because I love my husband, I made sure no mud was tracked into the car.  Happy Father’s Day honey! 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tiny Futures (169/365)

2011 06 18 _MG_2793w
The present was an egg laid by the past that had the future inside its shell.

Zora Neale Hurston (American folklorist and Writer, 1903-1960)

TIME:  5:58 PM
PLACE:  Dad’s front porch
SUBJECT:  Dove eggs in a nest

We woke up this morning to tornado sirens at 6:30am – *grumble* I had not slept well all night and was not happy about having to get out of bed and go downstairs.  Luckily, we survived the storm without incident.  Later the sun came out and DQ was still able to go to Six Flags with her friends.  We finally had MB’s birthday party at my Dad’s house this evening.  While the HH was off getting the pizzas (MB’s dinner choice), Dad showed me where a dove was nesting in his hanging impatiens.  Because I am nosey, I went to get a closer look and ended up scaring the bird out of it’s nest (I really didn’t mean to do that)…but it allowed Dad to water the plant (only around the sides, away from the nest) and I was able to snap a quick shot of her two eggs.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sprinkles (168/365)

2011 06 17 IMG_0008w
“Sprinkle joy.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson (American Poet, Lecturer and Essayist, 1803-1882)

TIME: 7:27 PM
PLACE:  The White Cottage
SUBJECT:  StellaDella’s sprinkles on top of whipped cream on top of her cotton candy ice cream

The HandsomeHusband and MonkeyBoy went to see the Green Lantern and I dropped DramaQueen and two of her friends off to see Super 8.  That left me and SD so what else could we do but get ice cream?  First, we stopped by my dad’s house to see if he wanted to come with us (I left my cell phone at home), but he wasn’t there.  I did have a feeling that we would end up seeing him anyway and I was right…as we were sitting at the outside picnic tables and eating our concoctions, he showed up.  I’m psychic! (or psycho)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three Masked Bandits (167/365)

2011 06 16 IMG_0003w
“The only thing I've seen so far are just raccoons running all over.”

James Dean (American motion picture actor, symbol of rebellion, 1931-1955)

TIME: 3:33 PM
PLACE:  Freeburg Ave.
SUBJECT:  Raccoon pups crossing the road

It’s wild animal week here on the blog.  DramaQueen and
I were in the car, on our way to pick up StellaDella.  We were on the frontage road, almost to the highway merge, when the car in front of us suddenly slowed down and then stopped.  I stopped as well and noticed shadowy movement coming from the culvert on my left.  A few seconds later, a total of five raccoon pups emerged from the shadows and made their way safely across the pavement.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Orange, Green & Black (166/365)

2011 06 15 IMG_0095w
On our way to camp
We drive down the country road--
Orange blossoms flash by

Original haiku. Sujomi

TIME:  3:54 PM
PLACE:  Jefferson Road
SUBJECT:  Wild orange day lilies

During the drive to take and pick StellaDella up from Girl Scout Day Camp, we pass many clumps of these wild day lilies growing on the sides of the country road.  I stopped to take a quick shot from the car window of these guys stretching toward the afternoon sunlight.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ripe (165/365)

2011 06 14 _MG_2736w
“There will always be something to ruin our lives, it all depends on what or which finds us first. We are always ripe and ready to be taken.”

Charles Bukowski (American short-story Writer, Poet and Novelist, 1920-1994)

TIME:  7:43 PM
PLACE:  Backyard
SUBJECT:  Raspberries

A quick post as I think everything has finally caught up to me.  I’ve been tired and sleepy and have not felt well at all today.  It’s very frustrating to not be able to do things.  I tell myself that I am very lucky and this is only temporary, so I need to quit grumbling and count my blessings.

Monday, June 13, 2011

No Wood Was Chucked (164/365)

2011 06 13 IMG_0068w
"My enemies are worms, cool days, and most of all woodchucks."

Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862), U.S. philosopher, author, naturalist.

TIME: 7:11 PM
PLACE:  Little League Fields
SUBJECT:  Woodchuck or Groundhog (Marmota monax)

After delivering StellaDella to Girl Scout day camp, I made it into work today.  The wrist is feeling a little better – I have a follow up appointment on the 23rd with the surgeon, when the cast should come off – *fingers crossed* ~*~*~ MonkeyBoy had a ball game this evening and the woodchucks were out in force in the field behind the third base line.  At one point, I counted five of them – two adults and three little ones.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Illinois Power Company (163/365)

2011 06 12 IMG_0052w
We're gonna turn it on
We're gonna bring you the power
We're gonna light up the dark of night like the
brightest day in a whole new way
We're gonna turn it on
We're gonna bring you the power
It's coming down the lines, strong as they can be through the courtesy of The Electric Company
The Electric Company
The Electric Company!

Electric Company theme song, PBS, 1971-1973

TIME:  4:35 PM
PLACE:  Little League Fields
SUBJECT:  Power company logo

Not much to say – my cast hurt all day and really bothered me.  SD had a good ball game this afternoon; she had three hits and almost caught a fly ball.  This old power company logo is a little larger than a quarter and was on a rusty electrical box hanging on a light pole by the ball field.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Twelve And Growing (162/365)

2011 06 11 _MG_2789w
“It kills you to see them grow up.  But I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn't.”

Barbara Kingsolver,
Animal Dreams

TIME:  8:03 PM
PLACE:  Basement
SUBJECT:  MonkeyBoy

Here he is – 12 years old today.  His home gym is completely assembled and he has already made up a work-out routine.  *sigh* It makes me sad…on some of the photos I took this evening, I see my little boy, then in others, like the one above, I catch fleeting glimpses of the man he will become.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Bionic Woman (161/365)

2011 06 10 IMG_0001w
[Opening narration] Steve Austin, astronaut. A man barely alive.
Oscar Goldman: Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.

The Six Million Dollar Man. Perf. Richard Anderson. 1974. Television.

(How could I not find good Bionic Woman quotes? It’s sexism I tell ya.)

TIME:  around 2:00 PM
PLACE:  Surgery Center
SUBJECT:  My wrist

Pretty!  The nerve block in my arm is starting to wear off…time for my “dolls” – hooray for modern pharmaceuticals!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lightning Bug Of The Corn (160/365)

2011 06 09 _MG_2731w
To watch the corn grow, or the blossoms set; to draw hard breath over the plough or spade; to read, to think, to love, to pray, are the things that make men happy.

John Ruskin (English Writer and Critic of art, architecture, and society, 1819-1900)

TIME:  7:41 PM
PLACE: Backyard
SUBJECT:  Lightning bug on corn stalk

HandsomeHusband decided to try his hand at growing corn this year.  He had StellaDella drop the kernels in the holes he made all along the fence line where he had rototilled the ground - and what do you know…we actually have some decent stalks.  It’s amazing how much they have grown.  I’m pretty sure that they will be “knee-high by the Fourth of July.”   ~*~*~  Last night, SD came running in the house all excited and announced that the lightning bugs were out again.  I found one sitting on the cornstalk this evening.  Summer is here.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stems (159/365)

2011 06 08 _MG_2717w
“To know that light falls and fills, often without our knowing, As an opaque vase fills to the brim from quick pouring, Fills and trembles at the edge yet does not flow over, Still holding and feeding the stem of the contained flower.”

-Rogers,Will. The Lost Son,'The Shape of Fire'.

TIME:  6:53 PM
PLACE:  Kitchen
SUBJECT:  Flower stems in vase

I went to work today – payroll (très importante!) and customer invoicing (also très importante to fund said payroll!) must be done.  When I arrived home, a bouquet of flowers was sitting on my kitchen table.  The kids told me who they were from – they had read the card (note to self:  if having an affair, make sure boyfriend doesn't send flowers, you WILL be ratted out by the nosey kids) – a friend of the family.  It lifted my spirits and the flowers are beautiful.  I was going to take a photo of the whole bouquet, but decided I liked the light shining through the glass vase best.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some Assembly Required (158/365)

2011 06 07 _MG_2634w
“All of us are born with a set of instinctive fears - of falling, of the dark, of lobsters, of falling on lobsters in the dark, or speaking before a Rotary Club, and of the words "Some Assembly Required”

Dave Barry (American Writer and Humorist best known for his weekly newspaper column. b.1947)

TIME:  7:39 PM
PLACE:  Basement
SUBJECT:  Hardware for MonkeyBoy’s birthday present

I found out yesterday that I will be having some hardware installed in my body on Friday – yes, I did such a good job of breaking my wrist that I won the prize of a titanium metal plate, which will be inserted into my wrist.  Can you hear the studio audience applauding wildly?  Sigh.  Well, I guess things could be worse – it could have been needed in my head. ~*~*~ MB picked out his 12th birthday present (the big day is on Saturday) this afternoon with his dad…a home gym.  They are bonding by assembling it over the next couple of days.  It has a lot of pieces.

Monday, June 6, 2011

What To Do With Old Silverware (157/365)

2011 06 06 ]_MG_2562w
“Wind chimes in your yard will serenade garden creatures - squirrels, fairies and angels.” 

Author Unknown

TIME:  7:36 PM
PLACE:  Front Porch
SUBJECT:  Wind chime

I purchased this wind chime made from old silverware at a craft fair I attended with my mom waaay back in 1993 or 1994.  They hang from the splayed tines of two forks with fishing line. It doesn't make a loud sound, nor is it particularly melodious chime.  Also, I am continuously un-tangling the lines…even so, I do like it and it stays on my porch all year long. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fredbird (156/365)

2011 06 05 IMG_0027w
“Cardinals Rule, Cubs Drool.”

StellaDella – a girl who understands baseball

TIME: 3:30 PM
PLACE:  Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO
SUBJECT:  Fredbird & helper

My dad had given me 4 tickets to today’s Cards-Cubs game last week – and it wasn’t something I was going to miss, even with a freshly broken wrist.  The tickets were in the Champions Club (each ticket had a face value of $151.00!) where we fed on an all-you-could-eat buffet, quenched our thirsts with a wide choice of beverages (alcoholic or non), and could watch the game inside the air-conditioned club or in our shaded, ceiling fan-cooled seats.  Now you know why I was going to the game no matter what.  I took my cousin Kathleen, my sister and DramaQueen.  It was a great game – we ended up SWEEPING the Cubs this series with Pujols’ bottom of the tenth inning home run.  Good times. 

2011 06 05 IMG_0015w
The view from our seats.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yellow Daises (155/365)

2011 06 01 IMG_2478w
“The splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not rob the little violet of it’s scent nor the daisy of its simple charm. If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness.”

Thérèse of Lisieux (2 January 1873 – 30 September 1897), or Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face, born Marie-Françoise-Thérèse Martin, was a French Carmelite nun. She is also known as "The Little Flower of Jesus".

TIME: 6:42 PM
PLACE:  Front yard
SUBJECT: Butterfly Marguerite Daises

I went somewhat traditional in my front planters this year: yellow daises, red geraniums and white verbena.  It’s a nice, bright, cheery combo that makes me smile whenever I see them.  Summer has arrived with a vengeance – we made it to 98 degrees today.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ice Cream Makes Everything Better (154/365)

2011 06 03 IMG_0013w
Ice-cream is exquisite. What a pity it isn't illegal.

Voltaire (French Philosopher and Writer. One of the greatest of all French authors, 1694-1778)

TIME:  9:05 PM
PLACE:  Ted Drewes on Old Route 66, St. Louis, MO
SUBJECT: A Heath Bar & hot fudge custard concrete

I managed to shower and get ready this morning and the HandsomeHusband drove me to the office so I could work for a few hours.  Then, my wonderful beautician, Carol squeezed me in between early afternoon appointments and cut my hair so I can style it without needing two hands to do so.  When I returned home, I took a Percocet and a nap until suppertime.  After we ate, HH drove us over to Ted Drewes for some frozen custard for dessert.  I’ve an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon on Monday morning *sigh*, I’m quite sure surgery is in my future.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spot The Difference (153/365)

2011 06 02 IMG_0026w
2011 06 02 IMG_0055w
"The world is like a broken wrist that healed the wrong way, and will never be the same again."

Frances Hardinge (Fly by Night)

TIME:  12:30 PM & 9:22 PM
PLACE: Riverchase, Fenton, MO & living room
SUBJECT: My legs and my wrapped wrist

Did you see the difference?  A broken left wrist – more specifically, a closed fracture of navicular (scaphoid) bone of wrist and distal radius fracture.  Nice. huh?  Unfortunately, I don't have a fun story to go with it. I was at Riverchase (a recreation center) in Fenton, MO and was walking back to my lounge chair, hit a slick spot where the concrete slopes into the water and down I went. Luckily my sister (an ER nurse) was with me and got me into the SSM St. Clare ER right away. I'll see an orthopedic surgeon on Monday. Good news is it's my left wrist - I'm right handed - AND I've got Percocet!

2011 06 02 IMG_0019w
(”X” marks where the dreaded slippage occurred.)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trash (152/365)

2011 06 01 IMG_0007w
“Trash has given us an appetite for art”

Pauline Kael (American Critic and Author, 1919-2001)

TIME:  7:09 PM
PLACE:  West End ball fields
SUBJECT:  Trash can

We had a beautiful night for playing baseball – it would have been even more beautiful if our boys would have won (we lost 12-11).  The team played a good game and my MonkeyBoy had some nice hits and base running going on.  This trash can was sitting outside our dugout – that’s MB’s water bottle behind the chain link fence on the left.