Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Orange, Green & Black (166/365)

2011 06 15 IMG_0095w
On our way to camp
We drive down the country road--
Orange blossoms flash by

Original haiku. Sujomi

TIME:  3:54 PM
PLACE:  Jefferson Road
SUBJECT:  Wild orange day lilies

During the drive to take and pick StellaDella up from Girl Scout Day Camp, we pass many clumps of these wild day lilies growing on the sides of the country road.  I stopped to take a quick shot from the car window of these guys stretching toward the afternoon sunlight.


Dana said...

These made me smile, and today? I needed that :)

Mari said...

Tiger Lilies! At least that's what they are called around here. I love seeing them growing along the road.