Monday, August 5, 2013

Vacation-Day 3 (217/365)

2013 08 05 IMG_9256w
TIME:  11:43 AM
PLACE:  Miramar Beach, FL

Back to the beach…this time up the road from the condo.  As you can see the humans were in the ocean and the birds were on the beach.

2013 08 05 IMG_9282w
TIME:  12:31 PM

I hope those aren’t sharks.

2013 08 05 IMG_9290w

Nope…a pod of dolphins swimming by.

2013 08 05 IMG_3232w

I have no idea what kind of crustacean this guy is…but he is very interesting looking.

2013 08 05 IMG_3256w
TIME:  9:34 PM
PLACE:  Dewey Destin’s Harborside Restaurant
SUBJECT:  David and StellaDella

After a hard day full of sun and sand, we went to a late supper.  These two crashed at the table soon after eating.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Vacation-Day 2 (216/365)

2013 08 04 IMG_3217w
TIME:  7:10 AM
PLACE:  Miramar Beach, FL
SUBJECT:  Shayne and StellaDella

We were up early and walked to the beach to check it out in the daylight. 

2013 08 04 IMG_3218w
TIME:  12:35 PM
PLACE:  Grayton Beach, FL
SUBJECT:  Charter catch

We drove east to Grayton Beach to meet up with my brother-in-law’s uncle and his family for a picnic.  This charter pulled up behind our shelter with it’s catch.

2013 08 04 IMG_9251w

We buried DramaQueen in sand and made her into a mermaid. 

2013 08 04 IMG_9199w
The kids had fun, swimming and collecting sea treasures.

2013 08 04 IMG_9238w
It was a wonderful day.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Vacation–Day 1 (215/365)

2013 08 03 IMG_3160w
TIME: 6:27 AM
PLACE:  Somewhere in Tennessee
SUBJECT:  Sunrise

We (I, DramaQueen and StellaDella) met my sister and her family at 3:30 AM and began our caravan down south.

2013 08 03 IMG_3196w
TIME:  5:09 PM
PLACE:  Miramar Beach, FL
SUBJECT:  The condo pool

After 12 hours, we made it to Florida.  We stopped for a quick lunch/dinner at Whataburger before arriving at the condo.  We unpacked, and the kids made a mad dash to the pool.

2013 08 03 IMG_3188w

SD quickly adapted to the new environment.

2013 08 03 IMG_3203w
TIME:  7:54 PM
PLACE:  Miramar Beach, FL
SUBJECT:  Sunset over Gulf of Mexico

Later, we walked down the road to the beach, just in time to see the sun set.  A good first day.