Sunday, August 4, 2013

Vacation-Day 2 (216/365)

2013 08 04 IMG_3217w
TIME:  7:10 AM
PLACE:  Miramar Beach, FL
SUBJECT:  Shayne and StellaDella

We were up early and walked to the beach to check it out in the daylight. 

2013 08 04 IMG_3218w
TIME:  12:35 PM
PLACE:  Grayton Beach, FL
SUBJECT:  Charter catch

We drove east to Grayton Beach to meet up with my brother-in-law’s uncle and his family for a picnic.  This charter pulled up behind our shelter with it’s catch.

2013 08 04 IMG_9251w

We buried DramaQueen in sand and made her into a mermaid. 

2013 08 04 IMG_9199w
The kids had fun, swimming and collecting sea treasures.

2013 08 04 IMG_9238w
It was a wonderful day.

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