Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spot The Difference (153/365)

2011 06 02 IMG_0026w
2011 06 02 IMG_0055w
"The world is like a broken wrist that healed the wrong way, and will never be the same again."

Frances Hardinge (Fly by Night)

TIME:  12:30 PM & 9:22 PM
PLACE: Riverchase, Fenton, MO & living room
SUBJECT: My legs and my wrapped wrist

Did you see the difference?  A broken left wrist – more specifically, a closed fracture of navicular (scaphoid) bone of wrist and distal radius fracture.  Nice. huh?  Unfortunately, I don't have a fun story to go with it. I was at Riverchase (a recreation center) in Fenton, MO and was walking back to my lounge chair, hit a slick spot where the concrete slopes into the water and down I went. Luckily my sister (an ER nurse) was with me and got me into the SSM St. Clare ER right away. I'll see an orthopedic surgeon on Monday. Good news is it's my left wrist - I'm right handed - AND I've got Percocet!

2011 06 02 IMG_0019w
(”X” marks where the dreaded slippage occurred.)

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