Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Harmony (177/365)

2013 06 26 IMG_2594w
TIME:  10:45 AM
PLACE:  New Harmony, Indiana
SUBJECT:  Atheneum/Visitors Center

We took a day trip to New Harmony, Indiana today.  I expected the children to be completely bored.  Surprisingly, only one was cranky – DramaQueen (go figure). 

2013 06 26 IMG_2599w
TIME:  10:56 AM
PLACE:  Inside the Lenz House (circa 1819-1822)
SUBJECT:  Door and stairway

We took the walking tour and were able to enter into several buildings that are only open to visitors with a guide.

2013 06 26 IMG_2612w
TIME:  12:47 PM
PLACE:  Outside the Antheneum
SUBJECT:  Split rail fence posts

It took about two hours.  StellaDella asked some questions that impressed the tour guide (That’s my girl!)  Afterwards, MonkeyBoy even stated that it was “More interesting than I expected”

2013 06 26 IMG_2588w

2013 06 26 IMG_2591w
TIME:  8:40 AM
PLACE:  State Route 66
SUBJECT:  The now closed New Harmony Toll Bridge

Remember this bridge?  I drove across it in November of 2010.  It closed on May 21, 2012 due to structural deficiencies.  It’s still a cool looking bridge.

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Julia said...

I like the bridge. I think a wonderful place to make photos.