Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Enter Illinois (327/365)

2010 11 23 IMG_0396w
“Praise the bridge that carried you over.”

George Colman the Younger (
English Playwright and Writer of scurrilous satiric verse, and theatre manager whose comic operas, farces, melodramas, and sentimental comedies. 1762-1836)

TIME:  12:41 PM
PLACE:  Heading east on Indiana State Route 66, New Harmony, Indiana
SUBJECT:  Toll bridge over Wabash River

I volunteered to take a road trip to Evansville, Indiana today to fetch my godchild from the University of Southern Indiana for Thanksgiving break.  I looked at it as a tiny get-a-way for myself.  It took about 2-1/2 hours to get there and I enjoyed every child/job/housework-free moment of it.  I used my brother’s GPS and on the return trip for some reason, it took us the scenic route home, via New Harmony, Indiana.  It was a pleasant ride back – I got to spend time with my niece chatting and catching up.


Mari said...

What a great picture of the bridge!

Anonymous said...

This is your Godchild! :D
I love this picture and might just steal it! Glad we got to catch up!

Sujomi said...

Anonymous - OK you stalker! I have a photo without the watermark - I'll post it on facebook for you.