Monday, November 8, 2010

Bug Gazing (312/365)

2010 11 08 _MG_5096w
“It always gives me a shiver when I see a cat seeing what I can't see.” 

Eleanor Farjeon (
English author of children's stories and plays, poetry, biography, history and satire, 1881–1965)

TIME:  4:28 PM
PLACE:  Living room

Jack spied a ladybug that was on the ceiling and jumped to the arm of the sofa to get a better look.  Except for the swishing of his tail, he was as still as a statue gazing up at the bug.  He was not successful in capturing his prey.


Mari said...

Aren't cats funny? Ours does the same thing.

bentonflocke said...

Funny shot - like the special view