Friday, July 11, 2014

Tour de Belleville

07112014 IMG_0144
TIME:  8:06 PM
PLACE: Union United Methodist Church
SUBJECT:  Dad and DramaQueen

The annual Tour de Belleville, which raised funds for safety/maintenance equipment for the town’s bicycle trail was tonight.  We rode as a family, except for MonkeyBoy, because event though this isn’t a race, his goal is to be the first one done (he ended up in second).  There is a 5 and a 15 mile route.  The fork in the road separates the two. 
07112014 IMG_0150
(Yes.  There literally is a fork in the road.)

SD and HH rode a little more than 5 miles.  An early part of the 15 mile route went about 2 blocks by our home so they rode to that point.  Dad, DQ and I continued on with the rest of the longer route.  After, we joined my brother and his family at a downtown tavern for a beer (soda for DQ!).

Forced Family Fun!

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