Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Rock In Her Head (336/366)

2012 12 02 IMG_20121202_201700w
“Everybody does something stupid at some time in their lives…right Mom?”

StellaDella, to me on the drive to the hospital to remove a piece of gravel from her ear.

TIME:  8:17 PM
PLACE:  Emergency room
SUBJECT:  Pebble removed from SD’s right ear

We were watching TV (eagerly anticipating the mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead”) when SD went to her father and told him that she had a rock in her ear.  Seriously?  Apparently, she had found the pebble on the rug, was rubbing it on the outside of her ear (don’t ask) and somehow managed to drop it in her ear canal.  I took her to the Emergency room and steeled myself for a loooong evening in an uncomfortable chair in the waiting room.  To my relief, they had a non-critical care room available about 45 minutes after we walked in.  The doctor flushed out the gravel with water and prescribed ear drops for her irritated ear canal.  She thanked us for giving her the easiest case she had all day.  You are quite welcome Doc.  We left, had the prescription filled and made it back in time for the 9pm encore presentation.  *Shaking my head*  There’s never a dull moment around here.

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