Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ice Skate (361/366)

TIME:  3:59 PM
PLACE:  Front door
SUBJECT:  Ice skate “wreath”

I took the day off work so I could go after-Christmas shopping with my sister, niece and DramaQueen today.  Boxing day is my favorite day to shop during the holidays as the pressure and stress of purchasing the perfect presents for Christmas morning is out of the door.  Clearance sales are on and I usually have a bit of Christmas gift $$ in my pocket.  I bought a some ornaments, clothes for myself (jeans, cords and a couple of shirts), a stylus for StellaDella’s Kindle and a t-shirt for MonkeyBoy.  The crowds were small/non-existent during our early morning (7am) shopping time.  It was nice.
I had pinned this idea to my
Pintrest board back in September.  I finally unearthed my ice skates (a $3 rummage sale find this summer), filled one with 70%-off wintery floral picks I found when Christmas shopping last Monday and hung it by its laces on my front door. Voilà!

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