Sunday, July 28, 2013

Broken Rule (209/365)

2013 07 28 IMG_3119w
TIME:  9:03 PM
PLACE:  Bathroom
SUBJECT:  Doorknob

One of my religious beliefs is that there is a special place in hell for those people who paint their door hardware.

Honestly, if you are painting a door, take the time to remove the damn things from the door and the frame.

As part of the never-ending bathroom remodel, I stripped the old bathroom door of 4 layers of paint – I’m pretty sure the bottom one was lead-based.  No precautions were taken, so I’ve probably lead poisoning as well. 

Then I stained it - Twice!  The first stain was waaay too orange – I re-stained it with an Ebony stain.  It looks much better and almost matches the vanity base – Bonus!
Finally, I boiled, scraped, stripped and scrubbed off the paint from the hinges, knobs and plate hardware.
Alas, after I removed all of the paint, the metal underneath looked horrible could not be saved.

So, I confess, I will be joining the painting heathens in their eternal life of hell and brimstone.

In my defense, however, I did use a metallic spray paint to match the sink and shower fixtures. 

So there


Julia said...

oh, it sounds like many to do.

Miranda said...

I hate when people do layer over layer...I once had a garage door that was painted brown, and chipping. So in order to save money, I stripped was brown, before that it was turquoise, then white. All that just to paint it white again. UGH