Thursday, July 4, 2013

Crossed Off the List (185/365)

TIME: 6:53 PM
PLACE: Six Flags Over Mid-America
SUBJECT: StellaDella

First item crossed off the Summer Bucket List : #1 – Ride everything at six flags. (Well, every ride we could fit in…close enough!)

2013 07 03 IMG_2759acw

I love her face on the American Thunder rollercoaster – the boy next to her is all “Yahhhhhhhh” and she is so nonchalant.

2013 07 04 IMG_2742w

Good times…

2013 07 04 IMG_2794w
TIME:  7:46 PM

Here are all three on the last ride, the Xcalibur…they look a bit grumpy.

2013 07 04 IMG_2796w

The ride starts by spinning them horizontally.

2013 07 04 IMG_2798w

…then starts to rise in the air while spinning vertically.

2013 07 04 IMG_2801w

They are now fully vertical and spinning.

2013 07 04 IMG_2804w

Coming back down – still spinning!!

2013 07 04 IMG_2805w

Back down and stopped.
Hmmm…they’re expressions don’t look any different.
Time to go home.


Julia said...

it looks like a funny day.
She made the same face like my son if he driving rollercoaster. I dont like it and I must scream, if I drive this - if I do it

Sujomi said...

Julia: She's just so Zen-like. I don't scream, but I doubt my face looks like hers either!