Sunday, May 17, 2015

Camping-Day 2 (137/365)

20150517 IMG_6160
I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.
Henry David Thoreau

TIME:  Morning
PLACE:  Camp
SUBJECT:  Hiking Views

We woke up to more rain this morning.
The girls were supposed to do some archery, but it was too wet.
We went on a (muddy) hike instead.

20150517 IMG_6157
The girls called this area “The Desert”
Massive rocks covered the ground.
Once we re-entered the forest though, mud was the name of the game.

20150517 IMG_6167
An old root cellar was found.

20150517 IMG_2305
The roof had collapsed and it was filled with water.

20150517 IMG_6166
This graniteware pot was near the cellar, a spot of blue among the green and brown.

20150517 IMG_6168
The trail ended on the main camp road.
We saw a turtle making his way across.
He hid when we caught up to him.

20150517 IMG_6172
On the way back to our camp, we passed the cabooses where the Cadettes were staying.
Stella had the option to camp here, but she stayed in these last fall and wanted to try the tree houses this time.
Of course, as we were leaving, the sun came out.

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