Saturday, July 11, 2015

Horse Selfie (192/365)

TIME: 1:06 PM
PLACE:  Highway 3
SUBJECT: Claudia & Dreamer

Claudia and I wandered around looking for used cars this morning.
On our travels, we passed a field that had miniature horses in it.
We then noticed the “Yard Sale” sign in the driveway and decided to check it out.
There was a 2-week old colt running around the sale.
Her name was “Dreamer”
Dreamer licked my toes and the back of Claudia’s knees.


Her mama whinnied for her and she went over nursed

Later that evening, we went to watch some fireworks.
I gave Stella my little camera and showed her how to use the “Fireworks” button.

She took this:

Pretty good.

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