Friday, July 3, 2015

Sparrow on a Speaker (184/365)

20150703 IMG_2520
“Whenever I hear the sparrow chirping, watch the woodpecker chirp, catch a chirping trout, or listen to the sad howl of the chirp rat, I think: Oh boy! I'm going insane again.”
Jack Handy (American Writer and cast member of Saturday Night Live from 1991-2003. Famous for his Deep Thoughts comedy sketches.)

TIME:  1:49 PM
PLACE:  Gas Station
SUBJECT:  Sparrow

It seems like everyone else is off today but me.
(and my co-workers)
I hate it when a holiday falls on a Saturday.
Plus, I forgot my lunch and had to go to the nearby gas station to get something to eat
I ended up with just a bag of chips.

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