Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Get This Type of Humor From My Mom’s Side Of The Family (273/366)

2012 09 29 IMG_7036w
Agent Cedric: Wait. You dropped your phony dog poo.
Blindman: What phony dog poo?

Top Secret, Paramount Pictures, 1984

TIME:  9:32 PM
PLACE:  MonkeyBoy’s bedroom
SUBJECT:  Fake Dog Poop on his pillow

I had to go to Target to buy some bleach for the laundry and while there I checked out the $1 area.  They had some practical joke items including this Fake Dog Poop.  I had to get it.   I placed it on MB’s pillow and waited while he went into his room to go to bed.  I hear him say “Oh my g-d!.  Really…really?  Mommmmm, one of the cat’s pooped on my pillow!”  I walked over to his bed and said “Oh dear, that’s terrible.  Here, let me clean it up for you.”  Then I bent over and picked it up with my mouth.  I heard him gasp as I did so (I wish I had a picture of his face when I did that - it had to be classic).  When he found out that it was fake, he immediately wanted to put it on DQ’s pillow.  She is at a school retreat this weekend and won’t be home until tomorrow afternoon – We can’t wait to see her reaction!


bentonflocke said...

LOL... can´t wait to hear how the story is going on...
My boys make "jokes" in the same way

Julia said...

LOL... I sit here and can only laugh. Fantastic.
One night I found a fake cockroach on my pillow.

I am looking forward for the end of this story.

Sujomi said...

....hmmm, it didn't go as planned. DramaQueen figured out it was fake. But, StellaDella somehow managed to throw it in the air and have it stick to the ceiling above my bed. That prompted her to come downstairs and ask for long stick to "Get the poop off the ceiling" Not a phrase that I ever expected to hear in my lifetime. ;)

Mari said...

That is so funny! Sounds like something that could happen in our house.