Monday, September 17, 2012

Petting Zoo (261/366)

2012 09 17 DSCF9748w
2012 09 17 DSCF9749
Charles Miner: What is a two-way petting zoo?
Jim Halpert: You pet the animals, they pet you back.
Michael Scott: It's a great idea.

“The Office”, New Boss, Season 5, Episode 18, 19 Mar 2009. 

TIME:  7:10 PM
PLACE:  Grade School
SUBJECT:  Ducks and lamb in petting zoo.

StellaDella’s grade school had it’s annual Fall Family Reading Night this evening.  The theme this year was “Down on The Farm”.  They served a hotdog/chili dog supper and then had stories, crafts, a snack and a free book for grades 6 and under.  There was even a petting zoo with some ducks, goats, llamas and lambs.  It poured down rain at first, but we were able to get outside toward the end of the program to see the animals.  (I took photos the best I could with the husband’s pocket camera and the quickly fading light – I wasn’t happy with the results – these are the best of the lot, so you know it was bad.)  SD even won the attendance prize for her grade – a bag full of books, a puzzle, stuffed cow and piggy bank.

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