Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Night at Fridays (011/366)

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TIME:  10:55pm to 11:43pm
PLACE:  Fridays
SUBJECT:  The bunch, signs, and bottles

I went out and met up with the old group at a local tavern this evening.  Back in the day (1989 until about 1995), the four of us would all go out at least one of the weekend nights (if not both) and maybe even a Tuesday night at quarter beers.  We were much younger then.  And single.  And child-free.  Fridays was one of the bars we would patronize.

And just for the record?  I only had 3 of those beers and one Kamikaze shot (equal parts vodka, triple sec and sweet and sour mix)

Then I drank soda.

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