Thursday, February 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday (036/365)

TIME: April 10, 1904
PLACE: St. Louis, Missouri
SUBJECT:  Saverio Tedesco & Mary Mercurio Wedding Portrait

For this Throwback Thursday, I am moving over to the paternal side of my family tree. 
Saverio & Mary are my great-grandparents. 
Their daughter, Edna Tedesco, is my paternal Grandmother. 
She married Michael Capone on
January 3, 1928

Here is a copy of the marriage register from St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in St. Louis.


Tedesco Saverius and Mercurio Maria
10 April, 1904

I the undersigned having sent out 3 announcements
and obtained the mutual consent of the parties being joined
I have joined through the vows of a present marriage Saverious Tedesco
of the place of Termini, the son of Ignatis & Dianae Catanzaro
and Dianae Catanzaro Mariam Mercurio of the place of Termini St. Louis Mo, daughter of Cosimi & Ignatias Caponi
Present as witnesses were Antonis Capra Joseph Carione
110048 Spigardi

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