Friday, February 6, 2015

Window Weight (037/365)

20150206 IMG_5077
“Instead of a trap door, what about a trap window? The guy looks out it, and if he leans too far, he falls out. Wait. I guess that's like a regular window.”
Jack Handy (American Writer and cast member of Saturday Night Live from 1991-2003. Famous for his Deep Thoughts comedy sketches.)

TIME : 9:48 PM
PLACE: Living room
SUBJECT:  Window Weight

In addition to painting the living room, I am attempting to return the painted woodwork to get it back to it’s original state.
Whoever painted the trim should be shot. 
Oh, wait.
That was me.
That was a very bad decision…and now I’m paying for it.
I removed the trim from one window in order to strip and stain it.
With it gone, you can see the weights hanging in the sash.

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