Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jay Jay, The Stuff of Nightmares (077/365)

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"The sun is rising high up over TarryTown
Friends taking off and friends touching down
That’s where you’ll find that one of a kind,
Jay Jay, Jay Jay the Jet Plane
“That’s me!”
There’s never been another little guy like this.
So much in love with the sky like this.
So buckle up tight, it’s a magical flight
With Jay Jay. Jay Jay the Jet Plane
“That’s me!”

TIME:  8:40 PM
PLACE:  Wal-Mart
SUBJECT:  Jay Jay the Jet Plane Ride

I remember my kids watching this program when they were younger.
The faces on the planes used to scare Claudia.
She would have nightmares about them.

They bothered me too.

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