Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wayback Wednesday (063/365)

LCR20070917 (430)
LCR20070917 (430) cropped
Don Corleone: I like to drink wine more than I used to...[pause] Anyway, I'm drinking more.
Michael: It's good for you, Pop.
Don Corleone: Ah, I don't know...

The Godfather, Paramount Pictures (1972)

TIME: Circa 1959-1960
PLACE:  My paternal Grandfather’s house
SUBJECT:  My paternal grandfather, Michael Caponi (Capone) in his basement bar

My grandfather partially finished his basement and included a bar.

LCR20070917 (9)

This area was originally closed-in.  My dad’s older sister and her husband lived there for a little while.  It was their bedroom.  After they moved into their own home, Grandpa opened it up and built the bar.

How awesomely retro is it down there? 
Planters, knotty pine, checkerboard linoleum, aluminum drinking glasses on the shelves, chrome table and chairs. 
Dad told me that flooring came from a local hardware store and it was asbestos tile. 
Do you see that area in the front left where the pattern is off? 
It really bothers me.

LCR20070917 (10)
SUBJECT: Cindy the dog, My dad, his brother Pete and Mrs. Smith (his sister Phyllis’ mother-in-law)

Here is my dad, looking pretty hipster in his v-neck cardigan, white t-shirt, khaki pants and dark framed glasses.
He started wearing the dark frames his Junior year in high school.
Those glasses and the fact that he is wearing his high school ring helps date the approximate time frame of the photo.
I bet if James wore glasses like that, he would look a lot like his grandfather.

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