Thursday, April 9, 2015

Circles (099/365)

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"Nōlī turbāre circulōs meōs!" 
"Do not disturb my circles!"
Reportedly the last words of Archimedes, said to a Roman soldier who, despite being given orders not to, killed Archimedes during the conquest of Syracuse; as quoted in World Literature: An Anthology of Human Experience (1947) by Arthur Christy, p. 655.

TIME:  5:45 PM
PLACE:  Downtown
SUBJECT:  Bank building windows

I always liked this building’s windows.
My kids always called it the “Bubble window building”
I do not know when it was originally built.
However I know that it’s been around since at least 1965.
I found it in that year’s city directory as a listed as Citizen’s Bank.

IMG_5709 copy

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