Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"N" is for Neighbor (014/365)

IMG_0056-1 copy
"I usually call my neighbor Carol because I don't remember her name. She lives across the street. She eats eggs every morning just like me. She's thirty."

StellaDella (Preschool extraordinaire, b2004)

TIME: 9:42 am
PLACE: Mother's Day Out
SUBJECT: "My Neighbors"

This week was the letter "N" week at preschool. Each week they are asked a question, the teacher writes their response then the kids draw a picture. They post the pages on the bulletin board strip. At the end of the year we get all 26 letters and the numbers 1-10 in a book to keep. The things the kids say always crack me up.

BTW - My neighbor's name is actually Marilyn and she is 66 years old. I have no idea if she eats eggs everyday for breakfast.


Dot O said...

How adorable! I know I saved some funny stuff from my kids' preschool days. Good idea to photograph it too!

So funny and so cute!

Christina said...

Thanks for the laugh! I'm sure 30 seems a lot older to a pre-schooler! Too cute! :)

Susan said...

Dot O - Their thought process just slays me. I'm glad the school compiles it for me!

Christina - I know when I was in third grade, 33 (which is what we calculated our age to be in the year 2000) seemed ancient!

sarah said...

So mad! I left a comment and it isn't here, I don't even remember what I wrote! I am sure one of my kids probably screwed with it while I was submitting it. It's a snow day today...I HATE snowdays.

Ev said...

That's too cute! The things kids say! It's nice that they are making a book, very good idea.

Susan said...

sarah - LOL, I hate it when that happens! Snowdays are hell.

Ev - I have the books from my oldest two. It is one of the few things I've kept from their preschool days.