Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dog Nose (025/365)


"A dog's nose is something for us to wonder at. It is perfectly remarkable and reminds us that there is a world out there that we can never know. At least not as human beings."

Roger Caras (American wildlife photographer, writer, wildlife preservationist and television personality, 1928-2001)

TIME: 11:53 AM
PLACE: Living Room Chair

Oreo joined our household the day after Thanksgiving, 2006.  My husband took the older two kids out for a drive, and when they returned Oreo was with them.  (Do you see a pattern here?  First Tessa, now the dog!)  She was from a town about 10 miles from here.  Oreo lived with her brothers and sisters at a home where apparently there was too many dogs and not enough supervision.    Her name was already bestowed upon her by the children who lived with the puppies.  Her name stayed with her.  She was about 6 months old when we got her.  She had housebreaking issues and ruined several rugs.  Now it seems like I've spent my life cleaning up dog hair, dog puke or accidents, wiping up paw prints and nose prints, and making sure any food we have is out her reach.

In spite of it all, she is a good dog.  Last December, when I had a migraine, I allowed her to lay by me in bed all afternoon.  Even when the kids and the husband came home and then made and ate supper, she didn't leave my side until the pain finally passed.  I think that says something about her.  


Christina said...

Love the black dog and the angle of the dog nose shot!

Mari said...

I love your pictures and the way you lay them out - with the quote and the info. I also think the dog's name is cute!

Vicki said...

Love the fact that you just got part of his face. Makes the photo different from most animal photos.

*sweet* said...

very cute!

SuzyHomemaker said...

Christina - The black dog hair has got to go though! ;)

Mari - Thank you. The name came from the fact that she has a white stripe down her chest...just like an Oreo cookie.

Vicki - Her nose is always poking defines her a lot!

*sweet* - She's lucky she's cute...considering some of the things she's done!