Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sodium Chloride (006/365)

2009 01 06_0628 PS
“Take it with a grin of salt”

Yogi Berra (American professional Baseball Player & Manager. b.1925)

TIME: 6:42 pm
PLACE: By the Desk
SUBJECT: Salt for the Sidewalk

Because of icy conditions, school was called off and the kids were home today. Handsome Husband spread the salt on the steps and sidewalk before he left for work.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Ohio but have lived in Florida for 22 yrs. Can you believe I miss having to throw salt on the sidewalk/driveway? I miss the snow so much, sleet and ice included!

Susan said...

Vicki - You obviously have spent too much time in the sun down there in Florida! ;) I think I'd miss the seasons as well.

sarah said...

Crazy! The both of you!

Susan said...

sarah - Just a little!