Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Fungus Among Us (126/366)

2012 05 05 IMG_3532w
“Not ringed but rare, not gilled but polyp-like, having sprung up overnight—These mushrooms of the gods, resembling human organs uprooted, rooted only on the air.”

William Jay Smith (b. 1918), U.S. poet. Morels (l. 12-13). . . Book of Nature Poems, A. William Cole, comp. (1969) The Viking Press.

TIME:  12:59 PM
PLACE:  Girl Scout camp
SUBJECT:  Mushrooms seen on a hike

After we arrived at camp, we had the girls stow their gear in the cabins, ate lunch and then we went on a scavenger hunt hike.  We had to find and take pictures of several different items one might see on a hike.  My charges, the Brownies (ages 8-9) ended up being one of the whiniest bunch ev-ver!  They moaned & groaned & complained about being hot, sweaty and tired from all that walking.  The other leader and I had to have a talk with them about the proper way for Girl Scouts to behave at camp and how anyone who complained would not be receiving their hiking badge nor would they be allowed to camp next year.  They straightened up and ended up having fun despite the heat & humidity.

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