Friday, May 4, 2012

Pull My Tab (125/366)

2012 05 04 IMG_3574w
“Another one o' them new worlds. No beer, no women, no pool parlors, nothing. Nothing to do but throw rocks at tin cans. And we gotta bring our own tin cans.”

Cyril Hume, and Fred McLeod Wilcox. Cook (Earl Holliman), Forbidden Planet, commenting on their arrival on Altair 4 (1956).

TIME:  5:26 PM (on Saturday)
PLACE:  Camp
SUBJECT:  Mother’s Day craft (or the end results of my late Friday evening and why I do not have an “official” Friday photo)

I was a little busy after work prepping for a craft for the girls to make at Girl Scout camp this weekend.  I admit, I did not take a photo.  *hangs head in shame* However, this is the result of my prep work…the girls filled cans filled with Hershey Kisses and decorated them for mom’s to pop open on Mother’s Day next week.  I got the idea and instructions from here.

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Julia said...

it looks good. many mummys will be lucky on Mothers Day.