Saturday, August 18, 2012

We Ran For Our Lives (232/366)

2012 08 18 IMG_5968
TIME:  10:32 AM
PLACE:  Wright City, Missouri
SUBJECT:  Me, the sister, and DramaQueen

My sister, DQ and I participated in the Run For Your Lives St. Louis today.   None of us “survived” the 5k – all of our flags were taken by the zombies.  I almost made it…until a zombie grabbed it right at the end.  Stupid zombie.

2012 08 18 IMG_6006
I took all these photos after our run.  Here is the start – we were released like cattle out of a chute.  The course ran through the woods and fields.  Zombies were mainly in the fields the first 2 miles, but the last mile of the course had a larger number of them in the woods and between the final obstacles at the end of the course.  My sister found out that it was every gal for herself when she fell trying to get away from a zombie in the first field.  Sorry sis.

2012 08 18 IMG_5994
This was one of the obstacles.  My flag was taken just before I climbed up the ladder for the slide into a pool of muddy water.

2012 08 18 IMG_5996
Then we had to dodge zombies before getting to the next to last obstacle.

2012 08 18 IMG_5982Then, after eluding more zombies, we had to crawl through these muddy tunnels.  I had the giggles when I was crawling through the tunnel.

2012 08 18 IMG_5980The finish had us crawl on our bellies under an electric fence.

2012 08 18 IMG_5974
My tennis shoes got a bit muddy.

2012 08 18 IMG_6011
They had showers for us to rinse off, but the line was long and we had to get home.  We sat on blankets and towels in the car.  I hosed off in the driveway before I went inside and took a shower.

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Julia said...

funny pictures. Looks like many fun