Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Night Swimming (224/366)

2012 08 10 IMG_5835w
Lenny: Ah, alcohol and night-swimming. It's a winning combination.

“The Simpsons” Treehouse of Horror XI (2000)

TIME:  6:13 PM
PLACE:  Swimming pool
SUBJECT:  StellaDella and her cousin

It was chicken-wing night at the pool – 50 cent wings or a dozen for $5.  HH and I arrived early to get a good table.  The girls swam.  Ate wings.  Swam. Ate a candy bar. Swam.  I drank a couple of Squirt and vodka concoctions.  HH and I even won the 50/50 drawing.  Quite possibly a perfect evening.

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Julia said...

Its sounds like a funny day.