Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Night In Chester (003/365)

2015 01 03 _IMG_1476
TIME:  6:57 PM to 8:43 PM
PLACE: Chester, Illinois

The husband and I moseyed on down to Chester VFW for the annual gun club Christmas-Dinner-in-January soirée.

I amused myself by seeing what kind of photos I could take from where I was sitting.

2015 01 03_IMG_1437
Hangers.  Hangers are fun.

2015 01 03_IMG_1442
Playing with the fish-eye function (taken by the husband).
Gotta love that Stag beer.

2015 01 03_IMG_1451
The floor was cool.

2015 01 03_IMG_1453
I’m seated closest to the door on the right in this centerpiece reflection.

2015 01 03_IMG_1444
You know that detail from my Coach boots from the 1st? 
Here’s a full view of them.
Nice, huh?

2015 01 03 _MG_1470
On the way home we passed St. John’s Lutheran School.

2015 01 03_IMG_1473
…and the Chester Mental Health Center.

I also made HH stop at McDonalds in Red Bud so I could get an iced tea.

I didn’t take a picture there.

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