Friday, January 2, 2015

Found Him! (002/265)

TIME:  February 8, 1858
PLACE:  Břeskovich, (now Vřeskovice) in the Plzeň region oof the Czech Republic
SUBJECT:  Josef Dolanksy birth record
From: Porta fontium 

After almost 9 years of doing genealogy, I was finally able to go “across the pond” and found my maternal, great-grandfather’s birth information!

This is what I knew: he was from Břeskovich Czechoslovakia; his father’s name was Charles; he had a birth date of February 8, 1858 and he immigrated to the US with the Jansky family..

I found a link to the Porta fontium site from Wesley Johnston’s “Researhing Czech Church Records on the Internet. 

After blindly searching, I finally figured out how the things were organized (thank you Google translate) and performed a search with Břeskovich as the place and checked “Matrika narozených” (birth registers).  I clicked on the result with the correct time frame and started looking page by page for the name “Dolansky”

It turned out to be easier than I thought.

Even though the registers are all in Czech, and the handwriting made it quite challenging to decipher some words, I actually found him quite quickly. 

Now, I know the names of his father and mother :
Karel [Czech form of Charles] Dolanksy and Katerina Jansky 

The names of his grandparents :
Paternal-Vavrince [Slovak form of Laurence] and Anna Dolansky nee Jicovy
Maternal-Vaclav & Katerina Jansky nee Hrebec

Where they are from and what they did for a living:
Father-a peasant cottager [an
agricultural laborer who lived in a cottage on the landowners land] in Břeskovich (house #53);
Paternal grandfather-a owner of a farm in Chlumčany (house #4); Maternal grandfather-a peasant cottager in Jina (house #12)

This makes me so happy.

I love the Internets.

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