Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tool & Die (165/365)

20150614 IMG_2422 copy
TIME:  2:25 PM
PLACE:  Across the street from the Auction Center
SUBJECT:  Chelar Tool & Die, Inc. Designers and Manufacturers sign

I took Stella to her first auction.
She learned:

1. Don’t act interested in the item you want.
2. Because if you do, someone else will try to out-bid you.
3. But that’s okay, because there is usually something else you would like to bid on.
4. It helps to make friends with the person who is working the wagon – he can pull out the only item you are interested on in the box so you can bid on it by itself.
5. Don’t get caught up in the bidding war.  It helps to have a wingman (your mother) to stop you from spending too much on something you don’t need.
6. The one item you really, really, want is always at the end of the last wagon of the day.
7. But, sometimes, you can get the lot moved to the front of the last wagon so you don’t have to wait (see #4)

She had fun and now wants to go to more auctions.

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