Sunday, April 10, 2011

Abandoned (100/365)

2011 04 10 IMG_0873w2011 04 10 IMG_0836w2011 04 10 IMG_0863w2011 04 10 IMG_0857w2011 04 10 IMG_0854w

Abandoned farmhouse,
Paint peeling off white siding.
Wheels rust in the grass.

Original haiku by Sujomi

TIME:  1:37 to 1:54 PM
PLACE:  Podunk, IL
SUBJECT:  Abandoned farmhouse

The HandsomeHusband and I abandoned left our kids (not really, my nephew sat for awhile and Grandpa made sure they didn’t starve at supper time) and drove up to Podunk to meet with Dana for some broasted chicken at the Chick-N-Dip.  It was great chicken and company.  After we ate, we all stopped by the Podunk library which was having a book sale (Dana snagged a 6-drawer card catalog…score!) and then we hit the country roads to find some photo taking opportunities.  This farm house fascinated me.  I just couldn’t choose one photo – so I went with five today.  And Dana? You’d better post some as well.  I know where you live woman! *evil laughter*


Lucy Corrander said...

It's sad, isn't it, the way derelict buildings are so alluring. The are almost welcoming.


Mari said...

There is something so interesting about abandoned houses. Great shots!