Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ant Hill World (097/365)

2011 04 07 IMG_1201w
“We are anthill men upon an anthill world.”

Ray Bradbury (American science-fiction short stories and novels writer,1920)

TIME:  3:34 PM
PLACE:  Front sidewalk
SUBJECT:  Ant hill

StellaDella insisted I come outside and see the “Most amazing thing in the world!”…it was an anthill.  Technically, she’s right.  These teeny-tiny little ants build hills that are gigantic when you compare them to their body size – that *is* amazing.  Do you see the yellow color in the upper left corner of the photo?  That is from SD spreading dandelion petals around the anthills to feed the ants and to make it pretty.


Lucy Corrander said...

How perceptive and kind of SD.


Mari said...

It really is amazing. I love that SD is helping to beautify them!