Monday, April 18, 2011

Bunny Bummer (108/365)

2011 04 18 IMG_1039w
Ralph Wiggum: You smell like dead bunnies.

The Bart of War. The Simpsons. Season 14: Episode 21. May 18, 2003

TIME:  5:49 PM
PLACE:  Elementary school
SUBJECT:  Dearly departed rabbit

We had our bi-weekly Daisy meeting this afternoon.  The girls’ project today was beautifying the school by planting flowers in the beds surrounding the trees in front of the building.  While Miss Jody (our fearless leader) was prepping one of the beds for the girls to plant, she came across a bunny…Dum dum dummmm!…a dead bunny.  !  The girls were fascinated and horrified by it at the same time.  They wanted to give it a funeral and bury it in the flower beds, but Miss Jody and I nixed that idea.  In the end, she placed it in a plastic flower pot and disposed of it in the dumpster.  RIP bunny rabbit.    

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Mari said...

Yuck! Better you than me!