Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Woman's Trash... (178/365)

2009 06 27 IMG_6814 
[at Professor Frink's yard sale]
Homer: (comes out of other side of matter transporter) Hmmm! Professor Frink: I take it from that little impressed noise that you are interested in purchasing that matter transporter, sir.
Homer: (not fond of the price, hearable in voice) Ummmmmmm... two bucks... it only transports matter... ummm... well, ah... I'll give you thirty-five cents.
Professor Frink: Sold! But I must warn you, this device carries a frighteningly high risk of catastrophic--
Homer: (annoyed) I said I'll take it!"

The Simpsons, Dan Castellaneta, Hank Azaria, Treehouse of Horror VIII, "Fly vs. Fly", Episode 5FO2, Original Air Date: 26-Oct-1997

TIME:  11:43 AM
PLACE:  The front yard
SUBJECT:  Yard sale treasures

Well, I made it.  And yes, it was immensely hot today.  I think the heat index rose above 105 degrees today.  I sat under an umbrella and had plugged a box fan in so at least I had a breeze blowing on me.  The kids sold snow cones, and were doing a brisk business until StellaDella dropped the grinding portion of the ice shaver and broke it.  Whoopsie.  Replacing that is going to cut into their profits. (I didn't get upset about it, and I won't extract payment from her either.)  I don't know how much I took in.  I do know that after all was said and done, I took the remaining crap stuff, placed it in the back of HandsomeHusband's truck and paid a visit to our local Salvation Army thrift store.  It all went (with the exception of 5 items), I got my tax deduction, I have a few extra dollars in my pocket and my basement is less full than it was yesterday.  I consider that a success.


Christina said...

Indeed, a very hot day for your yard sale! Our street had a sale a few weeks ago, and while I didn't have much stuff, it was an opportunity to get closets, etc. cleaned out. I made just over one hundred dollars and the remaining items went to Goodwill. Oh, and those snow cones sound like a wonderful refreshing treat on a day like today!

bentonflocke said...

what a hot day!! Maybe too hot for a yard sale - but you did it great, also your picture!