Monday, June 15, 2009

Would You Like To Buy A Yard? (166/365)

2009 06 15 IMG_6364 
"Is it true that the only difference between a yard sale and a trash pickup is how close to the road the stuff is placed?"


TIME: 10:00 PM
PLACE:  My basement
SUBJECT:  Yard sale stickers

This is what I was doing today.  Attempting to cull the crap treasures located in our basement.  I am feeling suffocated by the amount of stuff that we have.  I had a yard sale last July and suckered people into buying sold quite a bit.  How is there STILL so much piled in the basement?  Good gravy, I think that it must breed down there.  That has to be the only explanation.  Last year, I took a bunch of the remaining items to the Goodwill (thrift shop).  The rest of the trash goodies I placed on the front strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street and posted a Craigslist notice for "free stuff" - it was all gone by Sunday evening.  I plan to follow the same protocol for the yard sale next weekend.  If it doesn't sell, it ain't coming back in to the house, it's going!


Oz Girl said...

That's exactly what we did last summer, put whatever didn't sell on the curb! Those stickers look awfully familiar... ugh. I've had enough yard sales in my life, NO MORE!!! Even the $$ you make sometimes isn't worth all the effort you have to put into it. And you gotta love the early birds that are knocking on your door at 5 a.m.

Good luck, hope you make some $$ this weekend.

Mari said...

Hope the sale goes great!

Sara G said...

Great photo. Love the colors in the pic.
Good luck with the yard sale!!

Christina said...

Our street had a sale last Saturday; I didn't have much stuff, but it was a great opportunity to get closets, etc. cleaned out.

Good luck with your sale!

bentonflocke said...

good luck for the sale!