Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Any Alligators In Here? (168/365)

2009 06 17 IMG_6445
"I kneel down to peer into a culvert.
The other end seems far away."

Robert Bly, “Keeling Down to Peer into a Culvert” , l. 1-2 from The Man in the Black Coat Turns. 1981
TIME: 8:32 PM
PLACE: Little League Fields
SUBJECT: Culvert pipe

This was not the image I wanted to capture tonight.  There were a ton of fireflies and StellaDella was catching them during MonkeyBoy's late game (8pm).  I tried and tried to get a photo of a firefly while it was glowing but not luck.  Oh well, try, try again tomorrow.  This is a culvert pipe that you cross to get to the fields.  My mom had told us when we were little that alligators lived in these pipes so we should never crawl in them.  I have passed that little bit of false information family tradition to my kids.  It still works - they have never tried to crawl into one!


bentonflocke said...

I know such false informations!! It really works!

Sara G said...

Great photo.
I have tried to get a firefly photo too and haven't been successful.
Can't wait to see it if you get it!!
Take care

Christina said...

Leatherhead (from TMNT) lived in the sewer.

Good luck with the firefly photo!

Mari said...

Neat picture and funny story!

Dot O said...

Great story about the pipe. Hope you catch the firefly photo, though. They are just starting to appear in my neck of the woods. I just may try to get a picture some evening, although I'm sure it'll be tough.

Monica said...

I'm hoping to get a firefly shot for one of my Wednesday posts, but they aren't out here yet up north!