Monday, June 1, 2009

A View From The Top (152/365)

2009 06 01 IMG_5827 
"I can't forget
How she stood at the top of that long marble stair
Amazed, and then with a sleepy pirouette
Went dancing slowly down to the
fountain-quieted square;"

Richard Wilbur (b. 1921), U.S. poet. Piazza di Spagna, Early Morning (l. 1-4). . . Oxford Book of Short Poems, The. P. J. Kavanagh and James Michie, eds.
Oxford University Press.

TIME:  5:56 PM
PLACE: Hesse Park
SUBJECT:  My feet and a slide

School's out for summer.  I "twittered" earlier today that Monkeyboy lasted about 2 hours before the phrase "I'm bored" spewed forth from his mouth.  Sigh.  He had an away baseball game tonight.  We arrived about 35 minutes early, so I took StellaDella to the playground at the park.  She watched another girl play a "follow the leader" game with her mother and then decided that we needed to do that as well.  Her idea of "follow the leader" was dictating directing me in various exercises around the structure.  Here I am at the top of the tallest slide on the playground (don't look too close at my toes, I need a pedicure very badly!).  If I was rating the slide speed, I would give it an 8.5/10 - it was pretty fast.  I was extremely happy that my fat ass lovely derriere didn't hinder my decent by scraping the sides as I glided to the bottom!


Sara G said...

Very cool photo!!
Enjoy your summer!!

Michelle said...

Great shot. Enjoy your summer!

bentonflocke said...

cool shot!! Enjoy your summer holidays!! How long is the school closed?

Mari said...

Very cool - great perspective!

Christina said...

nice view ~ fun slide.

Susan said...

Too funny--great shot from a different perspective.

Jennifer McDougall said...

Awesome! I always love reading your posts. I love the quotes and I love that you document the time and place. Great shot as usual!

Oz Girl said...

You realize that since you mentioned it, everyone blew that photo up to look at your toes? LOL

Great angle, love the shot. :)