Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Communion (106/366)

2012 04 15 IMG_1894wAnne Streiber: You're dressed like for your first Communion.

Communion, Whitley Streiber, writer, Philippe Mora-dir., Allied Vision, 1989.

TIME:  10:30 Mass
PLACE:  Church
SUBJECT:  StellaDella’s 1st Communion

She had the veil…

2012 04 15 IMG_1902w
…and the shoes….

2012 04 IMG_1921w
…and the dress.  And she made her 1st Communion this morning.  Surprisingly, the host didn’t burn her throat when she swallowed it, nor were there any sizzles when she was sprinkled with the holy water. *wink*

2012 04 15 IMG_1930w
Her brother and sister (and Grandpa, not pictured) were on hand to witness the momentous occasion. 2 out of 3 were happy to be there.

2012 04 15 IMG_3188w
Later in the evening, at her party at home, she insisted that a candle be placed on her Communion cake so she could blow it out.  I obliged.  Of course, I couldn’t let that go by without a rousing rendition of “Happy 1st Communion to You!”  (in the style of “Happy Birthday”)  Congratulations StellaDella!

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Julia said...

she looks so beautiful. I hope, she has a fantastic day.

wish you a great time this week and fun in the job.