Monday, April 9, 2012

Wheeeee! (100/366)

“To an adolescent, there is nothing in the world more embarrassing than a parent.”

Dave Barry (American Writer and Humorist best known for his weekly newspaper column. b.1947)

TIME:  8:14 PM
PLACE:  Target parking lot
(photo by DramaQueen)

Well, the first day of work went ok.  It was all paperwork, going over company policies and some training on the system in the afternoon.  My boss took me to lunch, which was nice.  Tomorrow, more training, and I might get to start on some actual work. 
We needed various items from the store, so after supper, DQ and I went to Target.  I decided to embarrass her by riding the cart down the parking lot to our car.  At first she was all “Moooom!  Stop that!”  Then she decided that she would take a picture and post it to Facebook to embarrass me.  As if.  I really don’t care if her friends think I’m goofy.

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Julia said...

It sounds good with your new job

Oh... that are you. Fantastic. Why we should not fool sometimes our children. But I think you didn't do it.

fantastic picture