Friday, April 27, 2012

Scenes From A Mall (118/366)

2012-04-27 20-46-30_802wBuffy: I was thinking about shopping. As per usual.
Willow: Oh. There's an Arden B. in the new mall.
Xander: Oh, good. I could use a few items.
Giles: Well, now aren't we gonna discuss this? Save the world or go to the mall?
Buffy: I'm having a wicked shoe craving.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 7, Episode 22. Chosen. (20 May 2003)

TIME:  8:46 PM
PLACE:  Macy’s
SUBJECT:  Ceiling above cosmetic department
(taken with cell phone – but NOT Instagram!)

It’s been quite a week in more ways than one. I’ll just have to leave it at that for right now. Anyway…DQ, SD and I went to the mall after supper to look for a dress/outfit for DQ’s confirmation next week Tuesday. She found a skirt and shirt at Hollister (a very dark & loud place to shop BTW) so our mission was a success.

2012-04-27 20-49-30_515wTIME:  8:49 PM
PLACE:  Macy’s – swimwear department
SUBJECT:  Disembodied mannequin hand
(taken with cell phone – but NOT Instagram!)

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