Sunday, April 5, 2009

Everything's Just Dandy (095/365)

2009 04 05 IMG_3404 
“The dandelion's pallid tube
Astonishes the grass,
And winter instantly becomes
An infinite alas.”

Emily Dickinson (American Poet who has been called the New England mystic, 1830-1886)

TIME: 3:40 PM
PLACE:  The front yard
SUBJECT: Dandelion shadow

We woke up to a steady rain this morning.  It was fairly breezy as well.  The perfect day for a nap after stuffing myself at another honors brunch with DramaQueen.  When I awoke mid-afternoon, the sun was out and I wandered outside to see what photos I could take.  I took several photos of the dandelions, the bane of HandsomeHusband's perfect lawn existence.  Out of all of them, I liked this shadow photo the best.  Soon after I returned inside, the sky clouded over and it began to rain again.  April showers have arrived.  I hope everyone has had a wonderful and restful Sunday!


Dot O said...

What a clever idea for a photo! Great!! Yes, I had a great and restful Sunday.

Mari said...

What a neat photo - nice job!

bentonflocke said...

wonderful shadow shot!! Love it!!

Sujomi (SuzyH) said...

Dot O - Sundays should be peaceful and restful, don't you think?

Mari - Thanks!

bentonflocke - Thank you!