Saturday, April 25, 2009

We All Scream For Ice Cream (115/365)

2009 04 25 IMG_4501 
"My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just enjoy your ice cream while it's on your plate.  That's my philosophy."

Thornton Wilder (American playwright and novelist, his best known work is his play Our Town, 1897-1975)

TIME: 8:43 PM
PLACE: Lebanon Ave.
SUBJECT: Neon sign

StellaDella's first T-ball game was tonight at 7pm.  It was hee-lar-re-ous.  Since this is the first year for playing, the rules basically are: everyone bats, everyone plays the field, there are no outs and no score is kept.   The ENTIRE team is sent out on the field when they play defense.  The batter would hit the ball and the kids would all run together to chase it.  Since our uniform shirts were yellow, and most girls had black or gray shorts, our team resembled a swarm of bees buzzing around the field.   The girls were all so excited to be playing...big smiles were plastered on every face during the whole game.  It was fun to watch.  I took a lot of photos and so did HandsomeHusband.  Since I've already posted a SD T-ball picture this week, I opted to post this non-T-ball photo.  Plus, this place was the highlight of SD's night!

Before the game, we promised SD that we would go get ice cream afterwards.   This particular ice cream stand is open seasonally in our town and has been around for quite some time.  I remember walking here to get ice cream when I was SD's age.  SD had a soft-serve vanilla cone and was very happy.  


bentonflocke said...

Yeah ice cream!!! We all love ice cream!!

Christina said...

Great sign! I like the ice cream cones on the awning. And soft-serve vanilla ice cream is a favorite!

Mari said...

I love those T-ball games! I think they are more fun than the professionals. And finishing with ice cream is perfect.

Sujomi (SuzyH) said...

bentonflocke - Ice cream is a good thing!

Christina - I didn't notice the cones on the awning until I processed the photo myself!

Mari - It was very amusing and entertaining. ;)

Oz Girl said...

Sounds like a really fun night, and a lot of gut-busting laughs. ;) I remember getting ice cream after certain events when I was a kid. We always sooo looked forward to the ice cream.

Sujomi (SuzyH) said...

Oz Girl - The kids were so cute. I hope their enthusiasm keeps up for the next 9 games!