Monday, April 20, 2009

Helicopters (110/365)

 2009 04 20 IMG_4149  
Paper whirly-birds.
They look so much
like pairs of insects’ wings,
to the ground,
helicopters landing
on springy tarmacs
to deposit
next year’s forest,
like precious cargo.

Sweet to think
that trees
once had wings
and flew.

Rainshine, Sonny, Samara (Maple Tree Seeds),

TIME: 7:04 PM
PLACE: The backyard
SUBJECT: Red Sunset Maple seed pods 

Originally this maple was planted in our front yard.  During a storm, several years ago, it's trunk was snapped about three feet off the ground.  We dug it up and set it out for yard waste pick up.  Then I noticed that a branch had begun to grow from the damaged trunk.  Since I am a softy, even for plants I felt we just couldn't throw it away and replanted it in the backyard.  Except for its wonky trunk it has flourished.  This year both this maple and the maple that took its place in the front yard, are covered with more seed pods than I have ever seen before.  I love watching them rotate to the ground.


Dot O said...

Love this pic! Great capture and it brought back a memory of my kids and I on a hunt for what they would call "Pinoccinose" to stick on their noses!

bentonflocke said...

We did that, too Dot - to stick on our noses!! It was funny!

Great shot Suzy!! with wonderful colours and you see, it was the right decision not to throw the maple away

Robert Hill said...

I love the photo and the "whirly-birds" - haven't seen any yet this year.

Mari said...

I love this picture and the story that went with it!

Sujomi (SuzyH) said...

Dot O - I don't think I've ever put them on my nose, I'll have to try it!

bentonflocke - I felt that it was fighting to survive and had to help it along. I'm sentimental that way.

Robert - There are soooo many this year around here. Must go in cycles I guess.

Sujomi (SuzyH) said...

Mari - HH teased me about "saving" the tree. But I'm glad I did.